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Harness the "Brussels Effect"

Strategic Advisory for the Global Technology Industry

  • What happens in the European Union (EU) is of relevance to any digital platform company that is looking to expand in overseas markets, whether it is in Europe, or in Asia, Africa or Latin America. EU laws are being translated into technology standards and adopted by countries throughout the world. This is now known as "the Brussels effect".
  • Unpacking and navigating the complexities and nuance behind the EU's rule making power is an important priority for an increasing number of global firms across industries. The EU is writing policy on emerging tech, cybersecurity, crypto assets, artificial intelligence, plattorm regulation, data, cloud, next generation networks, satellites, drones, space and the list is only growing.
  • Located in the heart of Brussels, Eurus Advisory helps global firms with strategic advice that de-mystifies and makes the "Brussels Effect" work for them.

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Why Eurus Advisory?

Gautam Kamath founded Eurus Advisory in 2023 after a career spanning over a decade including working at leading ​tech companies across different geographies (Central, South and Southeast Asia, Europe, US). In addition to providing ​strategic advice for the C-suite, Gautam has worked at large international organisations like the UN and World Bank. Mr. ​Kamath has a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School, an MBA from National Taiwan University and a ​liberal arts foundation from University College Maastricht. He is a past recipient of the Taiwan Scholarship, played first ​division cricket, and hunts for kitch in the Marolles for leisure.

”I started Eurus Advisory because I want to use my unique experience and skills to make it easier for “challenger” global firms and important civil society initiatives to harness the Brussels Effect so that the rules set in the EU can be embraced easily, create new business opportunities and benefit citizens globally.”

Gautam Kamath

Director, Eurus Advisory

Our Expertise

Eurus Advisory is an independent premium consulting firm that helps global companies navigate public affairs challenges and crises ​through effective, tailored policy solutions.

Located in the heart of Brussels, Eurus Advisory is a trusted partner and your eyes and ears, and your sounding board. Get in touch to ​discuss your specific needs and learn more about of the work we can do in the following areas:

  • Geopolitics and regulation of infrastructure & networks
  • Governance of data and emerging technologies (AI, quantum)
  • Platform regulation and data governance
  • Geospatial technologies and industrial policy
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Recent impact

Co-author of influential report on global governance of ​generative AI

  • Published an influential report while also feeding into the G7 Hiroshima AI Process by ​advocating a true risk based approach and advancing the idea of “AI Adequacy” for ​advanced AI systems. Featured by the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) in ​March 2024.
  • See expert quotes in article published by Science and Business on global AI policymaking.

Moderator and speaker at key events in Brussels

Feb 2024: CERRE’s Foundational ​Technologies Governance Summit

Sept 2023: Blockchain for Europe ​Summit

Nov 2023: Tech for Climate Action ​Conference

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Orange Wind Waves

Eurus is the Greek God for the East Wind

Eurus personifies turbulent storms. It dwells near Helios (the Sun in the Far ​East) and so also brings warmth, light and makes it rain.

Orange Wind Waves

Eurus Advisory


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